Saturday, December 8, 2012

Kleancolor Techno High Collection + Blog Changes!

Heeeey to all of my nail polish lovin' peeps! This week has been exhausting! Whew! Well, I have some exciting and not-so-exciting news for you tonight. I guess I'll start with the good news (?) and then we'll get to the rest as I'm doing my review. Tonight, I am trying out a new layout for the blog. I have a different way of taking photos and have also changed up my watermark. Please feel free to let me know what y'all think! 

Tonight I have swatches of Kleancolor's Techno High metallic polish collection. Okay, soooo I have been wanting these polishes for a while and was really disappointed with some things when I finally tried them! Overall, I was very disappointed with the brushes. Please do not hate me for posting some messy swatches because this was the best I could do! The brushes were uneven and pieces of them were just falling off.  Ugh. Maybe it is because I have mini bottles. I have to say, I usually LOVE the brushes in mini polishes because I have thin nails....but these - no thanks! I will get into detail on each color later! Just to let you know, I did not use top coat in any photos and all of the colors are of one coat each.

First up is Metallic Pink. I love the color and the formula on this one was really good. IMO,  it also had the best brush. 

Next up is Metallic Yellow. I also love this color, it's almost golden. The problem I had with this is that when I went to try this polish on I noticed it was 90% dried out. Yep, a brand new polish! What the heck?! I loaded that baby with polish thinner and shook it for the longest time and really didn't get anywhere. I was able to get enough polish to take these photos, but I think I may just have to throw this bottle away. Total bummer. 

Metallic Purple - I love this color! I guess that's not surprising since I LOVE purple polish. The formula on this one was pretty decent. Definitely workable, but the brush...not so much. It was worth it in the end, though, because I do love the color.

Metallic Jungle is next. This is a nice light blue polish. Again, the formula on this was decent and the brush wasn't too terrible. Definitely one of my favorite colors of the collection and in general. I do apologize for the following pictures. Any time I take pictures of a polish this color, the camera gives me total lobster hands! Ugh.

Okay, Metallic Navy is next. I love this color...I really do. But the brush = suckville! This must be the worst brush I have ever used. I didn't even bother to clean up the mani because I wanted you all to see how terrible it was. Very, very sad. Oh, and this one was goopy. 

Last up is Metallic Brown. I was really looking forward to this polish because I don't have many brown polishes and it looked really pretty in the bottle. Okay...the formula on this was a goopy nightmare! Aaaaah! I put some polish thinner in it and it helped some...but the formula was still awful. This is why my ring finger looks all lumpy...couldn't even it out!

Okay, overall I love every color. However, the terrible formulas combined with cheap, uneven brushes really made me grade this collection a C at best. Maybe next time I will order a metallic in a full size bottle and see if it helps! Have a great day!

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  1. I LOVE those colors too!! :) and I find that your wallpaper beautifully matches the idea of nail polishes :) I like your blog a lot, and I see I'm not the only one.. ;) would you check out mine?