Sunday, July 10, 2016

Orly Epix

Hey all! How's it going?! Sadly, I haven't posted on my blog in over a year. I have been sporadically posting on my Facebook and Instagram, but life has just gotten in the way of the blog. Good news is that I'm trying to get back in the swing of things! Whoop! 

Today, my post is about my first experience with Orly Epix polish. It's supposed to dry quickly, along with being more flexible to prevent chipping. The claim is that is can last up to a week and instructions suggest that you reapply the topcoat on day 3. I have for you my before and after picture and my overall review!

The two colors I chose are "Call My Agent" - a light pink creme polish; and "Special Effects" - a gold polish with a holo shimmer. I really liked both colors after application, but I LOVED the gold. 


The instructions suggest two coats of polish, followed by one coat of the topcoat. I actually had to do 3 coats of the pink in order to get full coverage. However, the gold was easily applied in two coats. Both did try fairly quickly. 


Alright, so the above photo is after 4 days. I would have waited a bit longer, but you know I can't stand to have the same polish on for too long! As you can see, there is some drying and cracking on my index finger. I also have the slightest chip on the corner of my middle finger (just happened today). Disclaimer: I did not reapply topcoat on day 3 - doing this may have helped the polish not to be so dry! However, the gold polish is still looking perfect! 

Here is a side by side:

Overall, I have to say I like this product. It has lasted 4 days with only a little wear and one minor chip. The longevity might have also been improved had I reapplied top coat yesterday, as well. The only issue I really had was having to apply 3 coats of the pink in order for it to be opaque, which caused longer drying time. Although, this is to be expected with brighter nail polish colors. All in all, I liked it and will definitely be trying more colors in the future! 

So what do you think? Have you tried it and what was your experience? 

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