Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Loves Me Not

Hey everyone! I was getting a little bored with my mani yesterday and I didn't want to redo everything, so I did a little layering experiment! While I was in Wally World (aka Walmart) I was looking through the Sally Hansen polish and somehow found one last bottle of this beautiful dark polish called Loves Me Not! Now, in the bottle this baby looks like an irresistible multichrome. It is in a dark purple base and flashes purple, blue, pink and gold! Obvi, I was super excited to get home and try it on. Well, much to my chagrin it did NOT look like that when I layered it over my mani from yesterday. :o( I could only see purple and blue in the polish and that all depended on what kind of light I was in. Now, it could be because I layered it over purple (which is what I'm hoping), but I am still sad. All the photos are with two coats of LMN over Ulta's Celebutante. This first photo was taken inside with a flash. As you can see, it just looks like a dark blue shimmery polish. Also, please ignore the bit of purple peeking through from my Ulta polish. I know a lot of people like the brushes on the Sally Hansen polishes, but I personally hate them! My nails are way too small and thin for them and I always make a mess when I use them! Argh!

 The next photo was taken outside in the shade with a flash (sorry, no sun again today).

This photo was also taken outside with a flash. Now, you can definitely see all of the awesomeness in the bottle that does not show up on the nail at all!

This last photo was taken outside in the shade with no flash...just so you can see what it looks like inside. Without light it pretty much looks like a really dark purple. 

Overall, I am disappointed with this color. When I get back to Bama I am going to try layering it over blue, black and just by itself to see the difference. Getting this polish opaque won't be an issue at all. I'm hoping the other colors will come out with a different base coat. I would still definitely recommend this color if you're looking for a dark, shimmery blurple...and if you can work that monster brush!

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