Thursday, August 23, 2012

Nicole by OPI Star of the Party

Hey all! So, my post today is going to be pretty short because I really don't have too much to say about this polish. The following photos are of Nicole by OPI Star of the Party. I got this baby at Target on clearance and was pretty excited about it! Star of the Party is a shimmery, dark violet polish. This polish only needed two coats and I have to say...I really love the color! This polish is going to be a perfect go to polish for Fall!

The first 4 photos were taken in direct sunlight.

This last photo was taken in the shade.

So, the biggest issue I had with the polish (besides the large brush) is that the wear was pretty terrible. I had it on less than 24 hours and I already had tip wear on most of my nails and a couple of my nails were even chipped. I mean, I do paint my nails quite frequently, but I'd still really like a polish to last at least two days before I even have to consider doing touch ups or repainting them. But, alas, I will still definitely wear this polish again. You can find Nicole polishes at Target where they retail for $7.04.

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