Monday, August 20, 2012

Total Carnage!

Good evening all! So, I just wanted to do a short, informative post for the night. Last week when I was leaving FL, I attempted to toss my really heavy luggage in my car. While pretending like I can lift anything remotely heavy, I ended up ripping the nail of my middle finger on my right hand completely off. :o( :o( :o( Okay, it was so sad that I wanted to cry. However, I decided that instead of curling up in a ball that I would take this situation and make a handy blog post out of it!

This first picture is of my nails after I got all of my polish off. I'm sorry my hand looks so nasty. My fingers always get all dry after I use nail polish remover. Just look at the devastation!!!

In the second picture, I glued on a fake nail and it really makes a big difference! I know most people don't use this type of nail anymore...but they are really handy in an emergency situation such as this! I know the nail doesn't look exactly perfect (I was in a rush when I put it on). If the fake nail is too wide, you can always file down the sides a bit to make it fit your natural nail line better. Again, it's not perfect, but it's better than walking around with a sad little nub. Anyway, that is my sad story. My only hope is that someone can get something good out of my misfortune!

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