Saturday, March 9, 2013

Jindie Nails Spam!

Hey everyone! How was your week??? Mine was pretty good. I'm just happy today is Saturday! I finally got a chance to do A LOT of swatching today! My poor fingers feel like they're going to fall off! But it will all be worth it in the end when you see all of my posts this week. :o) 

Today I have an awesome post of some Jindie Nails spam! I ordered a bunch of polishes over Christmas time and am just now catching up on swatching them. You may have seen some of them before, but they're beautiful so it won't hurt to see them one more time. ;o) Beware - this post is pic heavy!

First up is Water 4 Elephants. This is a grey based polish with some awesome blue and green holo glitter. This caught my eye at first because of the name. I looove Water For Elephants (book and movie) so I pretty much had to have it just for that reason! lol. I'm really glad I got it though, because it's super pretty! The following photos are two coats. 

Next up is Strawberry Cupcake.  Obviously, I just want to eat this polish because of the name! This polish has the perfect pink base with pink, purple, white and blue hex glitter of all sizes! This polish is super fun and very unique IMO. The following photos are of two coats. 

Next is Swoon. This is one of Jindie's most recent popular colors. Swoon has a light blue base with medium and small blue hex glitter along with those awesome neon green, yellow and orange hex glitters. Love it! The following photos are two coats.

Next in line was a nice surprise that Jen put in my package. This polish is called Live Out Loud. Live Out Loud has a white base and a ton of different colored glitter! I just loooove polishes with these creamy white bases! How did she know?! ;o) The following photos are two coats of Live Out Loud. 

Finally, I have one of Jindie's most famous polishes....Candy Land!!! Yay! I wanted this polish SO badly and I can't believe it's taken me this long to wear it. Boooo to me. This polish also has a white base with a ton of neon hex glitter! I did have a little trouble with application on this one. I had a hard time getting all different colors of the neon hex glitter on my nails, but all it took was letting the bottle sit upside-down for about 30 minutes and then it was good to go! Totally worth it! The following photos are of three coats for full opacity.

Okay, I told you this post was awesome! I love all of these polishes and Jindie Nails is definitely one of my top indie brands! Can't wait to buy more polish in the future!

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