Saturday, November 17, 2012

Jindie Nails Tried & True

It's Saturday! Wahoo! I'm telling you, I am SO happy it is the weekend. This has been one crazy week and I need time to relax! Sheesh! I hope you all had a good week. Is everyone looking forward to Thanksgiving??? I know I am! I can't wait to get my hands on some pumpkin pie! Yum! 

Today, I have a really special post for you guys! A couple of weeks ago I order a few of the Christmas polishes from Jindie Nails. I ordered this polishes on November 2nd and between the days of the 1st and 3rd it seems Jen was overwhelmed with orders, so shipping took a little longer than usual. When my coveted polishes finally arrived, Jen had included an extra mini polish in the order as well as a 15% code for a future purchase. Now, I have to say - that is good customer service! As a first time customer, I didn't know what the usual shipping time frame really was, so I just waited patiently for their arrival. But Jen's customer service, along with her beautiful polishes, has really won me over and I will definitely be ordering from Jindie Nails again! 

The polish I'm going to show you today is Tried & True. According to the letter in the shipment, this is a new polish that hasn't even hit the shop yet! Oh and BTW, it's gorgeous! How lucky Am I?! According to Jen's description, Tried & True is a white crelly polish with gunmetal, magenta, bright blue, silver, turquoise and deep purple hex glitter with some light pink dots included too! Check it out! The following photos are one 1 coat of Tried & True over 1 coat of Essie Marshmallow. You can definitely get Tried & Tried opaque on its own, but since I have the mini bottle I didn't want to waste any!

Honestly, Jen could not have chosen a better surprise polish to give me! I don't know why, but these white crelly polishes with all sorts of glitter in them are seriously one of my very favorite types of polish! I just can't get enough and this one is beautiful! If you are interested in buying any of Jen's polishes, you can go to her Etsy shop. The shop is on vaca mode right now, but it looks like it will be back up tomorrow at 5PM CST for a release of a new collection! Can't wait!


  1. You are gonna have a million followers before too long if you keep up those great pics :)! Nice! I'm linking your blog in the listing for this polish (released today) and may use a photo or two if you don't mind ;)! Thank you doll! xoxo Jen

    1. Thank you! You are too sweet! Take all the photos you want, girl. Happy Thanksgiving! :o)