Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sonoma Nail Art 2012 Collection Picks

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween! My night was pretty chill. I got my costume together for the Halloween party I'm going to tonight and just chilled at home and watched scary movies. Oh, I also threw together a makeshift cowgirl costume so I could get a $2 Chipotle burrito! Oh, the things I will do for a burrito. Tonight I have my final Halloween polishes to show you. These are my first Sonoma Nail Art polishes. I saw these on a couple of blogs the last few weeks and I just had to have them. Unfortunately, I waited so long to order them that I got them right before Halloween, so I only got to wear each of them for one day. Although, I have a feeling that next year these will be worn a lot because I love them! 

First up is Here Lies Robert. This polish is a mix of silver, black and green glitter in a clear base. It is such a great combo of different types of glitter and I am in love with it! All of the swatches I have seen of this have been layered over a green polish, so I decided to change things up a bit. I layered two coats of Here Lies Robert over one coat of Sinful Colors Rain Storm. I really like the combo and I think the colors in HLR stood out well on RS. I topped it off with a coat of Gelous and then a coat of Seche Vite. 

Next is Sincerest Pumpkin Patch. I love this polish too. I mean it just screams Halloween to me, which is why I chose to buy this one as well. This polish is a mix of orange and green glitter in a light green base. I did one coat of this over a coat of Kleancolor Military Green. I also used one coat of Gelous and one coat of Seche Vite for a shiny smooth look!

Basically, these polishes are fantastic and I can't wait to buy more! If you are interested in purchasing Sonoma Nail Art polish, you can check out the Etsy page and Facebook page. See y'all later! 

***Blogger edit: I wrote this blog on Halloween night and meant to post the next day and forgot! Waaah!


  1. Anything for a burrito! LOL! Hi, thank you for joining my blog Marissa! You have great taste and manicures!

    Following you back!

  2. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I used to live in Huntsville AL also!
    : )

    1. Did you really?! How did you manage to escape??? lol.