Friday, September 7, 2012

FingerPaints: Gourd or Bad?

Happy Friday!!!!!!!!! It's the weekend - yayayayayayaaaaay! Can you tell I'm excited??? I am also super tired so this is going to be a short, but very sweet post. Today's pictures are of FingerPaints Gourd or Bad? This polish is from their Fall of Surprises Collection for Fall 2012. I found this collection at Sally Beauty Supply and this happened to be the only polish that jumped out at me. I felt like I had to have it because I don't have anything like it at all!

Gourd or Bad is a multicolored bar glitter polish. This polish has blue, green, silver, orange and purple pretty much all the pretty fall colors you could want! The formula for this polish was good and it was super easy to get a bunch of glitter on the nail. My photos are of one coat of Gourd or Bad over two coats of Zoya Gemma. Isn't it pretty????

Again, if you want to pick up any FingerPaints polish you can get them at Sally Beauty Supply and they are about $5 each! 

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