Sunday, September 23, 2012

LUSH is Luscious!

Happy Sunday! How has everyone's day been so far? I've pretty much just been scrubbing down my apartment all day. Bleh! Today, I have for you my first non-nail polish post. I just needed to rave a little bit about a couple of products I ordered from LUSH. LUSH is a store that makes fresh, handmade cosmetics. You can get everything from lotion to shampoo to perfume to bath bombs. I wish I had one of these stores somewhere near me so I could experience the awesomeness in person, but for now I just have to order online. I will say that even though the products I ordered shipped from California, they got here really quickly! 

This first photo is of Lemony Flutter and Sweet Lips. Lemony Flutter is an awesome lemon scented cuticle butter! It is so smooth and creamy and amazing! I use it on my cuticles at night before I go to bed and when I wake up in the morning they are still super moisturized! Sweet Lips is an extra awesome lip scrub! The one that I ordered smells and tastes like chocolate chips cookies - need I say more?! They also have one that is bubble gum flavored, so I'm sure that is amazing too!

This next photo is of a sample of soap that they put in with my order called Rock Star. They have TONS of different scented soap, but this one smells like candy! Nomnomnom!

Overall, these are some really great products. LUSH even put their newspaper in with my order which has a list of all of their products with descriptions and instructions for each. It's pretty awesome and I can for sure say I will definitely be ordering more products from them in the future!

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