Thursday, September 27, 2012

Jessie's Girl Randoms

Hey y'all! It's time for what was supposed to be my wid-week post, which has now kind of turned into an end of the week post. My bad! I was just super tired last night and could barely find the strength to do anything! Blah! Well, if you have had a a not-so-good or mediocre day, this post will definitely make you forget all of that! Tonight, I have for you 3 different Jessie's Girl polishes. I picked these up at Rite Aid a few of months ago and JUST now tried them. Um, what was I thinking...because they are awesome, as you will see! 

First up is Wild Thing. This is an extremely bright purple creme polish. Wowza, is it bright! I will point out that it does dry matte, so I wasn't too thrilled with that. The photos are of 2 coats of Wild Thing with SH top coat. Make sure to enlarge these, so you can see the true color!

Next up is Firefly. This is a clear, gold-toned shimmery polish. Because of the coloring of this, my first instinct was to layer it over a blue or green polish. However, me being impatient and not being able to wait...I layered it over Wild Thing. I have to be honest...I hated the combo. It just didn't flow for me. I considered not even posting the photos, but then I figured you all deserve to see my mistakes. So here are the photos...*eek* These are 2 coats of Firefly over Wild Thing.

Uuugh. Okay, here are some swatches of Firefly over Pure Ice Home Run! Now, this is a combo to die for! Just look at it!!!!!!! I loved this so much that I decided to wear it as a pedicure and am still rocking it out on my toes! Photos are of 2 coats of Firefly over two coats of Home Run!

Last, but definitely not least because it is my favorite out of the bunch is.....*drum roll*......Confetti!!!! Confetti is a beautiful blue/purple duochrome and I loooooove it! How in the world did I wait like 3 months to try this?!?! I am ashamed of myself! These photos are of 2 coats of Confetti over 1 coat of Ulta Moody Blues. Enjoy! 

So what do y'all think?! I am in love with Confetti and really enjoy Firefly too! Overall, I am just kinda meh about Wild Thing. Have you ever tried Jessie's Girl and what is your opinion???

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