Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dollish Polish Zombie Flesh

Hey everyone! Do you know what today is??? Yes - it's Sunday, but it's also the day of the season premiere of The Walking Dead!!! Waaah! I love Halloween and anything scary and Walking Dead is such a great show! I'm so obsessed that I even started reading The Walking Dead novel that was released recently. So, you can probably guess what polish I am wearing today! It's Dollish Polish Zombie Flesh, which was inspired by The Walking Dead TV series! This is a murky green, jelly polish filled with medium and small black hex glitter and small green and gold glitter. I just looove this polish! I tried to to find this on the Dollish Polish website for months, but could never get my hands on it. Finally one day I went to Overall Beauty and I just happened to see they had it in stock! Of course, I freaked out for a minute and then snatched it right up! So here you go...way too many pics of Zombie Flesh!

Aaaah. I just love it! What do you guys think??? BTW, this polish usually retails for $8.75 for a regular sized bottle.

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