Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Nail-Aween Post #3: Bloody Nails

Heeeeeeey guys! It's Wednesday!!!! Whoop whoop! Today I have my third Nail-Aween Nail Art Challenge for you....bloody nails!!! Not sure why, but I was just super excited to do this one. What I decided to do is a blood splatter mani. I used Orly's French Manicure as a base (it took 3 coats to get this color opaque) and I used Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Cherry Red for the blood splatter. Look how fun....!!!!! 

If you are interested in trying this, it is super easy! All you need to do is put a few drops of any polish color on a piece of paper and dip a straw into the polish and then blow it onto your nails. You can use different straw sizes to create different looks and you can use as many colors as you want! I would definitely suggest wrapping your fingers in tape before doing this. It gets pretty messy and it helps loads with the clean up! What do you think???

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