Monday, October 29, 2012

Icing Fake Baked

Good evening all of my lovely readers! How how your day been so far? I'm usually way more depressed on Monday, but today is different because it's two days until Halloween!!!! YES!!!! Halloween is my all time favorite holiday...I just love everything about it! As I'm typing this I am watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show (my favorite October tradition). I actually just finished doing the Time Warp so I could write this blog! Hehehe! If you have never seen that movie you need to check it out! Onto nail polish - today's polish of choice is Icing Fake Baked. I found this at the store a couple of weeks ago and had to have it because it is SO Halloween-y and I don't have any polish that is just black and orange. 

Fake Baked is an orange glitter polish in a black base. I layered one coat of this over a black base coat. I'm a pretty big fan of base coats, but this is easily opaque without one. The formula was a bit goopy and took a little bit longer to dry, as polishes like this usually do. The best trick is to use thinner coats so it dries more quickly. 

Another thing I love about Icing is that their polishes are always BOGO 50% off. Not to mention, they had a special sale on glitter polishes, so I ended up getting 3 polishes for $9! Whoop whoop! Love wearing glitter polishes, but hate taking them off? Don't forget to check out my tip for EASY glitter polish removal here

P.S. If you have never seen the Time Warp, I have attached the video here for your viewing pleasure! 


  1. Wow, that is a lot of glitter for one coat. I'm impressed! And the color looks so rich. Thanks for posting this, I'll have to keep my eye out for this polish.

  2. Great Icing! I love their polishes, I am wearing I Like the Nightlife, I love it. I wonder what is your fave Icing?

    1. I love their Crackle polishes. I also just bought one called Urban Affair. It's black with scattered holo glitter and it looks awesome in the bottle!